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Bingo Confidential UK TV screening battle?

  • 13 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo ConfidentialBingo Hideout have heard from the producer of the Independent film Bingo Confidential, Susan  Benfatto, that after battling to try to get one UK TV company interested in screening the new comedy bingo film,  they now have two that are considering the possibility of a UK screening.  Ok so there might be a slight exaggeration on our part saying there is a battle but there is definite interest at last from both C4 and Five television channels. Just like buses you wait and wait and then two come along together!

Rally the bingo troops

Bingo Hideout readers may remember that Susan and her team were keen to get the UK offline and online bingo community behind the cause to get C4 to agree to screen the movie.  Bingo Hideout was also asked by Bingo Confidential to get behind the cause by rallying our troop of trusty readers and asking them to contact C4 with a request to show the film on UK TV.  Clearly all the activity from bingo players is now working from the latest developments.

Readers may remember seeing our news on the Bingo Confidential film, we wanted to get behind the cause because there is a real shortage of films in this genre and yet we believe the subject matter is a popular one and certainly one that our readers would associate with.  We love anything bingo and have written a few articles on the exciting comedy film Bingo Confidential, and most likely we will continue to do so.

Join the Bingo Confidential cause!

We know that Susan and her team would be over the moon for all bingo players in the UK to request that either of the two candidates would consider showing the bingo film – we know this for sure as there is even a little thank you especially for our Bingo Hideout readers which has been posted on the Bingo Confidential facebook page.  So if you haven’t already done so get emailing C4 and Five, join the fan page and do all you can to get some more much needed exposure for this film – we are after all dying to see it!

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