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Bingo hall hero stops Mecca Bingo robbers

  • 05 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA quick thinking Mecca Bingo employee foiled a robbery and also bravely rescued a terrified female colleague held by knifepoint.  The attempted robbery was at the Mecca Bingo hall, All Saints Green in Norwich yesterday morning at around 8.15am, it has been reported that two men were involved in the incident, one waited outside the Mecca Bingo hall on a motorbike acting as a getaway driver, whilst his accomplice wearing a black balaclava hat covering his face broke into the building.

Frogmarched by knifepoint

The intruder grabbed the female Mecca Bingo employee after gaining entrance through the rear of the building and then proceeded to force her into various rooms before finally marching her into the main Mecca Bingo hall, all the time holding a knife to the petrified young woman’s throat.  Luckily for the terrified lady who by this time was frantically shouting ‘I don’t want to die’ the bungling robber was challenged by brave Mecca Bingo hall cleaner Lee Marrison.   Rather than lay on the floor as ordered by the robber, brave Lee shouted at the robber ‘calm down, clam down’ when the robber demanded to know where the money was kept, and then chased him.  The Mecca Bingo hall robber had by this time dropped his knife and Lee and another colleague Rex Dowe reportedly gave chase through the Mecca Bingo hall and into a nearby alley, and although the Mecca Bingo hall robbers eventually escaped the pair of heroic Mecca bingo employees tried to push them of the motorbike as they passed.

Person arrested in connection with robbery

Lee’s mother, a cleaning supervisor and also another Mecca bingo hall employee, said that the pair of robbers were seen outside of the Mecca Bingo hall the previous day acting suspiciously but must have decided that it was too busy and so came back when it was a little quieter. Police are now appealing for witnesses to the Mecca Bingo hall incident and have reportedly arrested a 25 year old person in connection with the alleged attempted robbery.

There was never any danger to any customers at the Mecca Bingo hall, and thankfully incidents such as these are very rare.  Bingo clubs are most certainly considered by most people to be very safe venues to visit and bingo players should not be worried or unduly concerned.


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