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Bingo Hall Worker Goes Bonkers over Bunnies

  • 01 Aug 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altWhilst changing your surname is still common place for many Brits who are getting married, changing your first name by deed poll is not a thing to be sniffed at. However, one Scottish rabbit lover has done just that, by changing her first name to Bunny after her favourite furry friends!

Sharon Finegan, 28, leads a busy life, working in a Scottish bingo hall, and also running an animal sanctuary from home. Fifteen big-eared bunnies are currently in her care, and she’s so committed to her cause that she’s making the unusual move of changing her name to Bunny Sharon Alice Finegan.

When she marries her fiancé, Morgan Green, on September 1st 2012, she’ll be using her ‘new’ name in her wedding vows.

Sharon says that it seems an appropriate course of action as her friends have called her Bunny for a long time now. Her fiancé, Morgan, apparently suggested her new moniker as a joke when they were feeding the rabbits one day, as it’s (somewhat aptly) his ‘pet name’ for her. Rather than laughing it off, Sharon thought it seemed like a brilliant idea and decided to put the wheels in progress to change it for real.

Her animal sanctuary was founded in 2011, and is run as part of the Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care charity. Sharon and her husband-to-be take in abandoned and poorly bunnies, help them get back on their feet (or should that be paws?), and help to them hop off to new and loving homes. Despite many people thinking she’s gone a jump too far, Sharon is taking the opportunity to get sponsorship for her imminent name change, and will be giving all her sponsorship proceeds to her favourite animal charity. If you’d like to sponsor her and her furry friends, just visit Sharon’s Just Giving page.

So, if you live in or near Stenhousemuir in Scotland, keep an eye out for the new ‘Bunny’ down your local bingo hall! We hear she’s very fond of carrots if you happen to have any to hand…

We want to know what our lovely readers think. Is Sharon bunny-hopping mad, or do you think she’s 73, Queen B? Would you consider changing your first name, and if so what to? Or, perhaps you already have? We’ve heard of a few dogs called Bingo, but maybe there’s a person out there somewhere who has named their child after our favourite game too!

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