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Bingo Hideout are loving the Windicate games at Gala Bingo

  • 24 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoGala Bingo has the best way to make friends and then keep them, with the latest Gala development ‘Windicate’.  The basic idea is to get five of your friends or chat roomies to join a Windicate, then if you or one of your Win Buddies manage to get a full house win on one of the Gala Bingo Windicate games then all of the win buddies will receive 50p into their online bingo account. Any online bingo player can be in five Windicate groups and is able to receive 50p each time one of the Windicate Groups win.

If you are new, be brave add a chat roomie as a win buddy

It makes good economic sense to start a Windicate up if you are not already in one and then start adding people as win buddies.  This is a simple process of adding players when you are in a 90 ball online bingo room by selecting the green plus sign or by using the ‘find player’ option, obviously after you have started a Windicate group of your own – and don’t forget you will have to think of a name for your group too! Once a player receives an invitation in their messages tab, they can choose to accept or decline to be part of a Gala Bingo Windicate group, either by selecting the green tick for an acceptance or the red cross to decline, it’s as simple as that!  Once an online bingo player gets a 50p win with Windicate, Gala Bingo will notify them and these notifications can be found under the ‘messages’ tab.

Making new friendships possible at Gala Bingo

This is yet another example of a bingo site getting behind its players to nurture friendships and to chat to each other, there are lots of benefits to playing bingo online and new friendships are one of the greatest benefits.   Online bingo players are a friendly bunch but for new players the chat rooms can sometimes be a daunting place where everyone seems to know what they are doing and has friendships in place.  Of course this isn’t the case, the Windicate games at Gala Bingo provide a wonderful icebreaker and will without doubt give additional excitement to the online bingo games at Gala Bingo and by adding Windicate friends players will be giving one of the nicest gifts possible, a win to their friends if they are lucky enough to get a full house!


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