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Bingo Hideout Back online Bingo for the Boys too!

  • 25 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bloke BingoRumour has it that most of the fun online bingo sites out there are full of female players, with all the guys lost in online gambling rooms that offer poker or casino games.  Online bingo sites can be guilty of making their sites very attractive to the ladies, which in turn may keep the bingo loving blokes firmly at bay, too much pink and fluffy and not enough of the butch and blokey things that attract the male players.  It is possible to stumble upon a few online bingo sites that are neither too feminine or too masculine but they are unfortunately still few and far between, and clearly with all the goodwill in the world the latest statistics show that the demographics have not changed that much.

Bingo Hideout survey showed that male players are still in the minority

Bingo Hideout recently conducted a survey of the typical activity on online bingo sites and we found that even though things have moved on more recently, still female online bingo players represent 82.8% of the total of online bingo players that we questioned in our survey.  In April 2008, Bingo Hideout published an article written by a disgruntled online bingo player called McDogs who although pleased to be playing bingo amongst so many lovely women was bemoaning the lack of bingo sites targeted to a male audience.  This was soon rectified of course with the launch of Bloke Bingo a site which has certainly done its bit to bring all things manly to the online bingo world, Bloke Bingo is soon to celebrate its first birthday and is proving very popular with the male online bingo players.

Bingo for the boys?

It would be nice however to have sites be more aware of the male bingo player who may feel a little intimated by the overtly girlie bingo promotions, graphics and even site names.  There is surely room in the industry for more sites that cater for both male and female players, whether lots more sites dedicated to just male online bingo players is the way forward to help redress the balance is another thing. Maybe Bingo Hideout should start a campaign to help get equality for the underrepresented male bingo players out there, maybe …… ‘Bingo Hideout Back Bingo for the Boys’, come on ladies you would all love to have more boys in the bingo chat rooms to talk to wouldn’t you?

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