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Bingo Hideout bring breaking news of Seasonal bingo illness

  • 21 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Seasonal BINGO syndromeBingo Hideout wanted to warn bingo players that if they are suddenly drawn to playing online bingo in the wee small hours over the Christmas holidays then there is every possibility that they are suffering from a common seasonal disorder.  Doctors have for sometime been fully aware of this syndrome but have only just released details for fear of causing a bingo panic.  The syndrome aptly named B I N G O (an acronym for Bank holiday Induced Nocturnal Gaming Overindulgence) need not be debilitating but each sufferer needs to be treated very carefully to help them come to terms with their seasonal bingo condition.

Diagnosis – BINGO symptoms to look for

The symptoms of the BINGO syndrome are quite complex and vary from person to person, however doctors have a few indicators to watch for that will alert concerned family members to those that may be suffering from the illness. Anxious family members may notice the affected online bingo fan will be burning the midnight oil hunched over their PC or laptops, completely oblivious to pleas by relatives to watch re-runs of Carry On films or the Queens Speech.  The sufferer will be looking for bingo rooms to play and bingo bonuses and  bingo promotions to take advantage of, they will most likely be unaware of the family members around them playing charades and will certainly not participate in any group activities such as family sing-along’s or Who wants to be a Millionaire quizzes.

Prognosis – long term BINGO treatment

Concerned relatives should leave the BINGO sufferer to play their online bingo games unhindered, as trying to extricate the player whilst mid game is likely to cause an almost ferocious response and could in some cases lead to uncharacteristic physical attacks.  Bingo Players should be left for the remainder of the Christmas break free to look for some light relief playing their favoured online bingo rooms such as Foxy Bingo or Mecca Bingo.  This treatment will allow the sufferer to tolerate the stresses and strains of entertaining the gathered (rarely seen) relatives and will ensure that a smiley face will be maintained in the process! The prognosis is good, with most sufferers returning to normal online bingo play once relatives have returned home, however it is worth noting that symptoms are likely to return each year at Christmas time, so future treatment is likely to be needed. Please note that this condition is not the same as SPORTS TV syndrome that mainly affects men and is virtually incurable, these sufferers can be identified by the most visible symptom of maintaining a vice like grip on the TV remote when Coronation Street is on, we are afraid that divorce is the only remedy for this sad condition. Merry Christmas to the many BINGO ‘sufferers’ out there!

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