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Bingo Hideout call on all fans to support Bingo Confidential cause

  • 15 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo ConfidentialGreat news for all you bingo fans out there as the makers of the comedy film Bingo Confidential are determined that their film should be released here in the UK, and as such are calling on all UK online bingo and high street bingo fans to help them put pressure on C4 to get the film aired.  This exciting ‘fly on the wall’ style comedy drama has already scooped two awards in the US at the 2009 Long Island Film Festival including Best First Feature Film 2009 and Best Comedy Feature Film 2009.   If Susan Noel Benfatto, the Director and Producer of the movie gets her way then Channel 4 will one day soon be screening it here in the UK for our viewing pleasure.

Join the Bingo Confidential campaign

Bingo Hideout readers may remember that we have written about the Bingo Confidential film a few times before and the team here in the office feel very strongly that this Independent film deserves as much exposure as possible.   If you would like to know why we are so excited about Bingo Confidential then check out the movie trailers on the facebook group of the same name.   If you want a rough idea of what to expect of the film then imagine Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party meets National Lampoon with a whole lot of bingo thrown in and you might get an image in your mind of what to expect from the fantastic Bingo Confidential movie.

Bingo Hideout readers can help ensure we all see film

C4 have unfortunately not agreed to show the film yet, however the powers that be in the programming department shouldn’t underestimate Susan and her powers of persuasion. Some of our very best films released here in the UK have been independent films without the backing of big money sponsorship; in fact the British film industry has been born from the artistic struggles of those that believe passionately about their work.  Bingo Confidential has the same passion behind it, this is a true labour of love for Susan and her team, and one that we can all be proud to support.

Ms Benfatto is asking all bingo fans to help her by getting in touch with C4 and requesting that they secure the rights to screen the bingo comedy film here.  The following link can be used to send Channel 4 a message showing support for the film and a request for them to add Bingo Confidential to their schedule.  Hopefully if we all do our bit then we will be able to enjoy the film in its entirety instead of the teasing snippets that we can only currently access.  Come on Bingo Hideout fans help Suzy out, we here in the office can’t wait to see Bingo Confidential in full ……… what about you?

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