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Bingo Hideout gets four stars from Web User Magazine

  • 01 May 08
  • Written by

You knew it was going to happen; we just had to mention our prized review by Web User this week. We're just so proud of Bingo Hideout's latest review! We hope that you've read the four-star review stating how our very own portal was a “full house of fantastic bingo fun”. We're so pleased here at Bingo Hideout to receive this kind of recognition, though it's the continued support of our lovely members that we treasure the most!

With 4000 members now, (and still counting) we are flying high as one of the most popular bingo portals and hope that our dedication to our members, their privacy and our commitment to getting you the best offers around is as satisfying to you as it is to us.

As you are no doubt aware the forum we are hosting is becoming more vibrant every day, and with many of our new
members joining in the fun, there's always something to chat
about. Of course, our favourite feature of the forum is the topics that
the members bring to the table. Following the threads of your chats can
be very amusing but hopefully they can also be informative to newer
members and those who need questions answered.

This is one of the reasons we have set up our new
forum, so that members can get unbiased opinions from others roomies
and Hideout members. While we're happy to chase up any queries
you may have about any of our featured sites, it is of course the
seasoned players who know all the ins and outs of any site and having
free reign to chat about that thing that's niggling away in the
back of your head with someone who's in the know can finally set you free from that irritating feeling.

We also have a fab section in which to share your favourite jokes and
funny stories. We want our members to share their thoughts and
experiences with each other as if they were playing on
their favourite site and hopefully our growing online community of
like-minded people will afford you the time to do so in between games.

No matter which site you favour the most, Bingo Hideout wants you to
tell us of any online bingo discovery you may come across, be it
promotion information, a dead link or a link to a great article. Get
sharing today and we'll see you there.

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