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Bingo Hideout has The Buzz

  • 06 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

The Buzz is bornBingo Hideout is pleased to announce a new addition to their online bingo resource, The Buzz.  Yes, we have a new baby and boy are all the gang in the office over excited – although that could be more to do with it being Friday!  Actually that isn’t true at all, as trying to get everyone to leave the Bingo Hideout office today has been a nightmare as the team just wanted to keep searching for all the latest gossip, celebrity news and interesting subjects that could be possible articles to publish onThe Buzz page.

We are all hoping that this new feature is a welcome addition to Bingo Hideout and the team are even looking for suggestions on additional topics to feature from you our lovely Bingo Hideout readers.  The arguments of course have started in the office already, as Charlotte wants to get all the best topics that will feature on The Buzz for herself (she likes to think of herself as a bit of a thinking mans crumpet, sort of Jeremy Paxman meets Joanna Lumley), a quick rugby tackle and we should sort her out! Seriously though Bingo Hideout really want to make the site a fantastic place to visit with lots of news about bingo and bingo bonuses and promotions as well as all the latest bingo industry innovations, we do also want to bring lots of other interesting subject matter to the site too, which we hope The Buzz will be all about.

There are lots of awesome additions coming to Bingo Hideout – its all hush hush at the moment – but we are hoping that The Buzz is going to give all our readers a taste of all the fab things that will be on offer in the future, and remember if you want to comment or make a suggestion on how we can improve Bingo Hideout then we would love to hear about it. Bingo Hideout will always be about bingo and to reassure you we can say that this will never change, so you will always find the latest from Foxy Bingo, Mecca Bingo or the like, however we think that our readers are looking for something that’s more of a complete package of entertainment.  Bingo Hideout is going to prove that we are more than a one trick pony, and with our readers behind us we will certainly try our best to deliver a whole lot more – of course if we don’t there is always the threat of a P45!

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