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Bingo Hideout has the X Factor with new Bingo card

  • 13 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

X Factor BingoThe team at Bingo Hideout are aware that a lot of viewers, and some online bingo players too are saying that they will boycott the X Factor after last week’s shenanigans with Jedward, but if you are one of the viewers that are still determined to watch then we have a great free bingo game for all the family to join in.  Bingo Hideout have had their design team working hard to bring the X Factor bingo game card in time for the  weekends show, and we have all had so many laughs playing the game ourselves whilst trialling it.

Bingo Hideout’s X Factor Bingo card is great for the whole family to use to check off all the memorable comments that are made each weekend in the popular talent show.  Another way to use the X factor bingo game card is to print of copies for the whole family, blank out 10 random squares on each bingo card then turn them over and let the youngest member choose first then work your way through the family group till the last bingo card is selected.  A prize can be given to the lucky bingo game winner for a full house, and if you are not sure of what the bingo jackpot should be then one of the following ideas may be a suitable prize; the winner could be given the right to vote for their preferred act in the X Factor show, a ‘get out of washing up for a week’ voucher or maybe even a really great jackpot prize like a packet of sweets.

Recent articles published on the new Bingo Hideout section, the Buzz have certainly stimulated some interest with many bingo players joining in the discussion by giving their opinions on Simon Cowell’s controversial decision on last week’s X Factor show.  The X Factor has almost become formulaic with all the judges making similar comments almost weekly, maybe the furore caused by Simon to leave the decision to the public vote was needed to generate some much needed excitement to the show.  Bingo Hideout like to think we are assisting a little with our new exciting X Factor Bingo game, certainly with excitement like this Simon might not need to create some extra tension of his own and he can get back to voting on the acts as he once did – Bingo!

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