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Bingo Hideout loves to hear bingo winner stories

  • 12 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Jackpot JoyBingo Hideout always love to tell our favourite news stories, which if you haven’t already guessed are of the lucky bingo winners who manage to win big playing online bingo.  However we rarely get to tell our readers how life changing a massive bingo win can be for the lucky winners, thanks to GMTV however we can bring you a lovely story of how one lucky jackpot bingo winner had one of the biggest life changing experiences, all thanks to her good fortune received from playing GMTV Bingo.

GMTV Bingo is run in conjunction with Jackpot Joy Bingo, so if you have played Jackpot Joy then you will know exactly what it’s like playing at GMTV. One particular winner Selma Carrick had been having a run of bad luck and at the time of her big bingo win was living with her mother after splitting form her boyfriend. Selma decided to play the Bingo Gold game whilst having her breakfast when she noticed the Bullion Bonanza game, thinking she would give the slot a quick go she hadn’t realised that this was probably the best decision she had ever made in her life.

The spinning  symbols in the game stopped suddenly to reveal three golden bars, Selma choking on her tea checked her online bingo account to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming, finding to her delight that she had won £39,000 on the online bingo instant game.  After her win Selma decided to take the bull by the horns and certainly as she had nothing to lose she upped and moved to Turkey.  Two years on Selma is now back from touring exotic Turkey with lots of tales of her adventures but also still remembers the day she had her big online bingo win.  Selma still plays her favourite bingo games and is still as you might imagine a big fan of GMTV Bingo and Jackpot Joy Bingo.


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