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Bingo Hideout report on vast array of bingo prizes available

  • 25 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo prizesThe latest big online bingo promotions such as Mecca Bingo ‘s staggering £10,000 daily jackpot to 888 Ladies X Factor tickets got us thinking about the vast array of bingo prizes that are available to be won every day of the week playing online bingo.  From cars to holidays, cash to electrical goods there is so much out there in online bingo land to be won.  Big cash jackpots are fantastic, but for most of us just the simple pleasure of winning a few quid here and there provides enough excitement to keep us returning every day to our favourite bingo site (or sites as the case may be). Writing about bingo on a daily basis, provides me with the opportunity to have almost a birds eye view of the staggering amount and variation of bingo prizes to be won in online bingo promotions.

Cash to clean teeth, online bingo provides it all

Just a quick glance at the vast assortment of prizes up for grabs this week is quite mind boggling.  For an extreme compare and contrast example,  at the same time that Mecca Bingo are offering the chance to win £10k daily the likes of Silk Bingo, Snap Bingo and So Bingo are all offering the chance to win electric toothbrushes.  Of course there are other prizes too but it just goes to show the two extremes of prizes available. The team at 888 Ladies have four pairs of X Factor tour tickets with backstage passes included in an instant games promotion, and Costa Bingo have a free bingo game that has a jackpot fund of £1,000 – bear in mind that this bingo game will be really popular with thousands likely to play this free bingo game.

Sometimes less is in fact more

Of course Mecca Bingo’s £10,000 jackpot is not an everyday occurrence at most bingo sites and with so many bingo players all vying for a slice of the bingo action competition is likely to be tough.  According to the No Bull Bingo Cheat Sheet 2010, chasing prizes sometimes gives better odds of a win for those looking for any bingo prize rather than the big cash jackpots.  No Bull Bingo believe that  bingo rooms offering prizes are often less populated than those offering cash jackpots so players are then more likely to win.  It isn’t a definite science of course and a large part is down to luck, but improving chances of a bingo win has always got to be a good thing surely.

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