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Bingo – in sickness and in health

  • 22 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

UK BingoThe future of bingo halls up and down the country are in jeopardy because of many factors including rising taxes, diminishing bingo player numbers, restrictions on certain slot machines and the smoking ban, clearly the UK bingo industry has enough to concern itself with and certainly doesn’t need any threats from outside influences to affect their chances of success.  It is certainly one thing extra that the UK bingo industry doesn’t need any extra reasons for players to stay away from what is already a gaming industry in crisis.

One article published on the News Channel 7 website reports that at a bingo hall in Panama City there is currently a tuberculosis scare, after a regular female bingo player of the Bingo Paradise club was tested positive for the disease.  The management of the club, where the bingo player affected was a regularly visitor, were not keen to discuss the issue with the local news journal. However a leaflet being made available to bingo players at the club stated that free testing will be made available for those players in Panama City who are concerned about possible health problems.  Those bingo players who are concerned are able to have the free test on the 24th and 26th June and should any players receive a positive result they will be offered a chest x-ray so that a treatment plan can be initiated.

Further problems have being experienced in Mexico with the swine flu infection, the rapid spread of the disease unfortunately meant the authorities had to make some swingeing decisions and forced bingo halls to close as a temporary measure.  The Mexican authorities were responding to World Health Organisation advice which recommended certain safety measures to ensure that crowds of people weren’t infected. Although in Mexico the crisis seems to be now better under control, players numbers are still down and there is also a knock on effect around the world as the disease has been raised to pandemic status.  Undoubtedly attention to increasing numbers of swine flu victims being diagnosed in the UK is obviously a concern to any organisation that has large visitor numbers, and UK bingo halls must be very aware of the possible dangers to their player numbers and resultant profits.

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases!

As players we must make sure that if we feel unwell that we do not go out and spread our germs about, what ever the illness might be after all we can always stay in and enjoy online bingo instead.  It is not fair on other bingo players nor the struggling bingo halls, we all need to act responsibly so that we do no further damage to what is already an industry dealing with many negative influences.  If we look after ourselves, each other and our beloved bingo halls they may stand a chance of survival, think of it as a bingo marriage …. to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.  If we all agree to make our bingo vows then we will all hopefully enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with our local bingo halls.

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