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Bingo is fun for all

  • 25 May 09
  • Written by admin

Buckingham Bingo

As avid fans of the game of bingo, we understand that players love it no matter which format it comes in. In the light of this, both bingo online and live bingo halls such as Buckingham Bingo have are recently undergoing huge boosts at the moment with new bingo sites and halls coming online and opening across the UK. This highly social game is enjoyed by so many different age groups and by many who have of differing mobility needs, that bingo is often thought of as an all-inclusive game that can even keep the mind sharp.

C’mon Everybody

In the light of all these positive attributes that our game offers, we were sad to hear that Joanna Richardson from New York has had a long battle with her local hall to make her game as inclusive as it should be. Having taken her battle to use audible bingo cards when at the hall all the way to the NY Racing and Wagering Board, it has this week been officially decided that since Joanna is blind and cannot play comfortably without the cards which beep every time there is a number to be daubed, that she should no longer have to switch the cards to silent mode.

Fight for your right to party

Having been instructed that the cards she uses were too noisy, Joanna was asked to keep them on silent making it impossible for her to enjoy the game as much or to play alone. Having had this ruling overturned by the highest authority in the area, Joanna is said to be extremely pleased and has commented, “You have the control over the majority of what’s going on now, you don’t feel like you’re throwing your money away. You know when you’re waiting and you know when you won. You can’t be cheated”.

We were very happy to hear another story this week about how technology is changing the game we love for the better. As we all know, bingo is famous for being a community based and very social game so it would seem awful for anyone to have been excluded from a bingo game, and especially on the grounds of a disability. Joanna has been told she can now set her cards to beep whenever she hits a 1tg or a bingo, so she never has to miss out on the fun of calling bingo. We would hope that should any UK player need to use one of these cards to enjoy their game more, that other players will be more tolerant of the sound they make as it means more people can join in the fun.

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