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Bingo Jackpot winner has bingo prize cheque bounce

  • 17 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo LoserCan you just imagine the devastating feeling that you might experience if on winning a major bingo jackpot whether it be playing online bingo or participating in games at a bingo hall, that when you paid the cheque into the bank it promptly bounced?  No, we can’t either – but it must hit you very hard in the stomach or somewhere similar!  This is exactly what happened to one bingo player in Detroit in the United States.

Misty Laturnus who is currently expecting her fourth child, was absolutely overjoyed to discover that she had won $26,449 at her local bingo hall only to have the rug pulled out from underneath her a few days later when she was advised by her bank that the bingo win cheque has been returned as there were insufficient funds available.  Misty had won her bingo jackpot at the Ford Wayne Civic League Bingo club and had used the large bingo win cheque to open a new bank account.  She was alerted to the problem with the bingo club being unable to honour the cheque, when her new bank contacted her to advise her of the lack of funds in the bingo club account and therefore they were unable to make the payment into her account.

Since being advised of the situation the President of the bingo club has made alternative arrangements and reportedly had funds transferred on Wednesday to Ms Laturnus’ account in payment of the bingo jackpot.  These funds have not as yet been cleared, so at time of writing it is uncertain if the bingo win cheque has now been honoured.

Family and Friends will recommend good bingo sites

Luckily situations of non payment on bingo jackpot winnings is almost unheard of and certainly in the UK big names like Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo would never see a player go through the worry of a bounced cheque.  It is worth bearing in mind with all gaming sites or clubs, that you select a reputable one so that you will never endure any unnecessary worry.  If you have family and friends who play bingo or other gaming sites, ask for a recommendation or visit sites like Bingo Hideout for full details of which are the best online bingo sites to play, that way you can’t go wrong.

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