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Bingo Jetset can help you win big while doing chores

  • 08 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo JetsetDon’t you just love the ability to pre-purchase your online bingo tickets for all the big bingo games.  All the team at Bingo Hideout really enjoy the flexibility of the pre-purchase option and we all think this is one of the greatest aspects of the latest online bingo games.  It means that you are able to pre-purchase online bingo tickets and then you can go out for the evening with friends or got to bed, read a book, maybe if you are lucky enjoy a little bit of afternoon delight, do the weekly shop or what ever else takes your fancy.  Then when you next log into your favourite online bingo sites that offer this facility such as Bingo Jetset, you can check out if you are a winner just by checking your balance.  It adds that certain little bit of excitement to your online bingo game that you could literally be doing anything or maybe nothing at all and still win!

Multi tasking isn’t only possible by female online bingo players

The beauty of online bingo whether you are playing at Bingo Jetset or another online bingo site that offers the pre-purchase option, is the flexibility it offers and let’s face it why sit staring at the PC screen when you can buy your online bingo tickets and then go off and do something else – this is multi tasking at its simplest and its best. Bingo Jetset currently has a whole stack of 90 ball bingo games that provide the opportunity to pre-purchase online bingo tickets, the games run at 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm, 10.30p, and 11.30pm each day and offer guaranteed jackpots so you know exactly what you are buying into.  The tickets for the guaranteed pre-purchase online bingo games at Bingo Jetset cost a very reasonable 10p and provide £15 for a one line win, £35 for a two line win and £50 for a full house jackpot.  For added excitement there is a Wheel Deal pre-purchase online bingo game that is available to play each Tuesday at 10.45pm, tickets are prices at £1 and the jackpot  payout is £300 guaranteed  for a full house, two lines will pay out £150 and one line £50.  All Bingo Jetset games have a maximum pre-purchase limit of 48 online bingo tickets.

£1m on a pre-purchase bingo card – now that’s special

If you set your sights a little higher in terms of jackpots then Bingo Jetset can provide that too, they have their usual coverall £1m 90 ball bingo games that have guaranteed jackpots of £500 on a Saturday at 9.30pm, £1,000 on Wednesday at 10.00pm and £1,500 on Fridays at 10.00pm and each game costs £1 a ticket and there is a maximum pre-purchase of 24 online bingo cards for these games.


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