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Bingo Lotto down the pan for the second time

  • 13 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo LottoAs the saying goes ‘never go back’ and the Intelligent Gaming Solutions (IGS) company must be wishing that they hadn’t bothered with Bingo Lotto for a second time.  Bingo Lotto which was a joint partnership between IGS and Tesco has now gone into administration after less than one month of operating.  The company have blamed poor ticket sales, but there had been teething problems with the programme which was screened on Virgin and hosted by television presenter Ulrika Jonsson.  The £2 tickets to participate in the Bingo Lotto game were sold at Tesco stores and for each ticket sold 40p was to be donated to good causes.

Our article on 7th September which showcased the resurrection of the Bingo Lotto game stimulated some negative comments on 27th September from a bewildered player Marivic who had tried to play the Bingo Lotto game without success.  Marivic said on the Bingo Hideout blog spot

“Well we bought the ticket at Tesco, read about it when we got home, and thought great, it’ll be a bit of fun to do on Sunday.

Sunday night we tried all the channels on Sky freeview and the channel 20 advertised was invalid, the other channels were ITV 3 an 4.

We don’t have Virgin, so that channel was blocked, the other channel showing the draw was Challenge, a prepaid channel and that and that was blocked too. So we ended up wasting £2 on a card and not got to use it.”

Clearly we can now see why Marivic was having so many problems.  The exclusive deal with Tesco has now come to nothing and IGS see their bingo game echoing the same fate that it experienced back in 2008 when Bingo Lotto then managed to stay afloat for a staggering 6 weeks!  Tesco must be wondering what on earth they have done by allowing their name to be linked with such a yo-yo company.  Maybe next year we may see BingoLotto re-launch for a third time, and if they do maybe they will last a fortnight then!

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