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Bingo players subjected to foolishness of Sudbury Town Council

  • 28 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Political correctness or madnessIf you are a bingo player who is easily offended and a bit of a shrinking violet (not likely but there maybe one or two!) then maybe playing bingo at a bingo hall in Suffolk is the best option.  Strangely Sudbury Town Council have decided that even with so many more important issues facing the world that they should act as protectors of the sensibilities of local bingo players who might be offended by  traditional bingo terms such as legs eleven or two fat ladies.  As such they have banned the use of such terms being used so that they can avert the possibility of being sued, possible litigation might be started by larger ladies who might be upset by the use of such a derogatory term or maybe bingo players with legs who might believe that legs eleven is offensive.

Bingo players are not at risk from a sense of humour in Sudbury

For the bingo player who is feeble of mind, or more easily offended or for the EU killjoys who want to annihilate anything vaguely British out there, then a move to Sudbury might be in order.  For the more rational and level-headed however a visit to the estate agents and letting agents in another more sagacious county far away from the foolishness of Sudbuy Town Council might be the best option where bingo players can visit a bingo hall without fear of being restricted by the PC police.  Somewhere that you can eat bangers and mash without worrying that you are breaching any trades descriptions rules (no fireworks included in the bangers) or toad in the hole for fear of upsetting animal rights (eating unsuspecting toads), and enjoy your tea and custard creams without fear of persecution from the County Council politically correct police who may possibly confiscate said custard creams for the crime of lacking sufficient custard to meet EU directives. The story covered in The Mail today highlights totally the total stupidity of the measures that some in authority go to to avoid upsetting the politcally correct apple cart, the humble bingo game being the latest victim.

Alternative words for Sudbury Town Council on a postcard please!

For those online bingo players who are offended by some of the more traditional bingo calls then Bingo Hideout would welcome suggestions of alternative names for the two fat ladies and legs eleven numbers, possibly football eleven or two Reubenesque ladies? The guys in the Bingo Hideout office can think of a few non-politically correct terms for the powers that be in Sudbury, dim-witted jobsworths springs to mind!

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