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Bingo playing evolves into exciting social networking function

  • 08 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo meets social networkingBingo players who are mad keen on all the social networking sites will love the new Virtue Fusion feature that allows big online bingo sites powered by their software to adopt a social networking function.  Sites that will have the new exciting social networking function are Ladbrokes Bingo, Golden Hat Bingo, Paddy Power Bingo, Virgin Bingo, William Hill Bingo and Bet365 Bingo. These very popular online bingo sites will now be able to provide a full social networking feature for their online bingo account player, which will bring a whole new aspect not only to the bingo game but also the chat room.

Bingo is all about friendships so with the new online bingo social networking functionality that Ladbrokes et al will feature, the success of these online bingo friendships can only prosper.  Bingo players will be able to upload images to their profile, post updates and of course chat to all their friends.  Bingo sites will police the social networking function so players need not worry that this will be a complete free for all.  This new function is due to be launched today (Tuesday 8th December) and will bring a new and exciting service to the online bingo playing faithful.  Virtue Fusion will no doubt go from strength to strength with the social networking operation, the CEO of the Virtue Fusion group Bob McCulloch said of the new social networking feature,

“Whether online or offline, bingo has always been a very sociable game. With the new networking and profile-building element that we are introducing, players of all our games will be able to chat and stay in touch with their online friends before, during and after their bingo sessions. This marks a major stage in the development of our products. After nearly a year in the making, our clients and their customers will be getting an excellent application that will be fun and easy to use, appealing to players of all ages.”

“It’s good to be able to round the year off with the launch of a product which has its roots firmly embedded in our underlying strategy of developing offerings that not only entertain and give customer satisfaction, but also retain their attention. This social networking product, whilst in its embryonic stage, has the potential to increase customer retention and, in future releases, be used as a follow-up and prospecting tool. Watch this space next year for new developments!”

Players don’t forget to try out the new social networking function at your favourite Virtue Fusion site, whether it be Golden Hat Bingo or William Hill Bingo players will be assured of a really user friendly, innovative service that will set all the bingo sites powered by Virtue Fusion very much away from the crowd.

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