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Bingo playing grandparents leave child alone to play

  • 07 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo losersThe Bingo Hideout team were surprised to see news that the grandparents of a small boy in New Zealand had left him sat outside a casino whilst they went in to play some bingo games. According to a story published on The New Zealand Herald website, SkyCity Casino security staff managed to locate the errant grandparents who by that time were playing bingo on the main gaming floor of the casino.  Peter Tracey the General Counsel at SkyCity Casino stated that the behaviour of the grandparents would not be tolerated at the Casino, adding “We have absolutely no tolerance for people leaving children unattended”.

Some gamblers clearly can’t tell right from wrong

The sad story of the 10 year old boy abandoned so his family could enjoy a few games of bingo highlights the problems for families when obsessive interest in bingo and gaming takes hold.  It seems that normal, rational thinking is pushed to one side when players become addicted sometimes putting vulnerable young people and children in situations which they are not equipped to deal with.

Lax security staff?

SkyCity Casino state that the child was never in any significant danger as the Security team were quick to deal with the situation leaving the child absent from his grandparents for no more than six minutes.  However a witness to the whole incident is quoted as saying that the security team were far from professional in their handling of the situation saying “Security there didn’t care. There was no sense of urgency at all,” he said.
“It’s not like someone was with the kid the whole way through.”

Sadly this is not the worst case that the New Zealand Herald mentions in their article, one mother had left her baby in a car whilst she gambled for three hours in 2001!

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