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Bingo prizes are bigger and better than ever!

  • 07 Nov 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAs online bingo becomes an ever growing past time, the hundreds of bingo sites out there are striving to do something to make their site a little bit different and stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to offer fantastic prizes as well as cash! Sometimes people are more interested in winning the car of their dreams or the holiday of a lifetime than cold hard cash.

The development of online bingo has led to giveaways and games to win prizes from the most extravagant, such as a brand new Mini Cooper to the more mundane – but nonetheless still useful – electrical goods such as coffee makers and GHD straighteners. Some sites offer fantastic weekend breaks both at home and abroad and Wink Bingo are known for the naughty Between the Sheets promos; these promos often provide players with the opportunity to win items such as chocolate body paint or saucy La Senza vouchers, to help to spice things up a little in the bedroom department.

The trend at the moment seems to be stocking up for Christmas with many bingo sites offering all sorts from  snazzy digital cameras to the state-of-the-art and current must have iPad 2.  Best of all for us at the moment is the Sun Bingo Christmas Dream Wishlist. The clever folks at Sun Bingo are offering one lucky winner the chance to win £500 of presents, the hook being you can email them and detail exactly what prezzies you’d like! So if you’re after a new wardrobe or want to treat the kids to new bikes, you can stick them on the list. Online bingo promotions like this are really innovative, offering players something a little bit more exciting to play for.

Of course, the big cash jackpots still draw in a crowd and every day in the news we see shocked and ecstatic bingo winners celebrating their new found fortune. Miss Jayne A has recently received a cool £6,162 after playing at Jackpotjoy and lucky Holly M won a massive £11,729.89 on the same site. These are just two of the lucky winners out there and every day more and more fortunes are made. Another great story comes from a William Hill Bingo player, Joanne McRae who’s finally hit the big time and won a brand new car! Previously Joanne had won bits and bobs online but never such a great prize.

The scope of online bingo really is wide and as you can see, players are winning all sorts of great prizes. Whether you win £10 or a brand new laptop, the emphasis is on fun, entertainment and having a great laugh.


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