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‘Bingo raiders’ — friend or foe?

  • 28 Sep 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIt is the issue that has divided the online bingo community in two. To explain a little, “Raiding” a bingo site is where a player participates in games in more than one online bingo room simultaneously. They book tickets for a game, but then leave the room. Whereas some sites disapprove wholeheartedly of it, others have actively embraced it, and even made a chat game out of the activity.

One area where raiders make enemies is during chat games, especially those that require a roomie to be physically present in order for another player to win bonus points. Many sites run these type of games, and it means that chat hosts cannot reward points because of an absentee. Innocent roomies miss out on cashing in, so it’s no wonder it causes anger.

Chat moderators at certain Internet bingo sites will actively police for raiders, posting messages in the chat room, warning against it. They also warn that membership to a site can be terminated if raiding is discovered.

If you have never heard of raiding before, it’s fairly simple to carry out. Roomies confess to doing it to boost their winnings, or to make their last pennies go further. Some players blatantly confess to it, and are surprised it does not take place more often.

To raid, a player needs to deposit, then go to three or more bingo rooms. Buy as many tickets as they can, although maxing out is advised. This increases your chances of winning — after all, bingo is a game of luck, and more tickets you buy, and the more games you enter, the better your chances of winning…… correct?

Raid to your hearts content at 888 Ladies

Raiding is exceptionally difficult to police, and to acknowledge that, some sites have embraced raiding — 888 Ladies Bingo being one. One of their popular chat game, called ‘We Love Raiders’, gives away 1000 loyalty points any time a raider is spotted. If a full house is called, and the winner is not present, the first roomie to type “oh yes, we’ve been raided” scoops the points. This chat game is available between 4.00am – 5.00am and 8.00pm – 9.00pm. Once again, this shows ingenuity in the online bingo industry, by turning a negative into a positive. So if you are a self-confessed raider or someone who doesn’t see raiding as an issue, then we would recommend you play at the online bingo site 888 Ladies.

The word ‘raider’ has negative connotations, but why should a player, merely trying to maximise their chances of winning, be made to feel like a criminal? Certainly for a bingo site, surely the more that a player wagers then the more revenue is generated for them; so why not quit the character assassination of their most prolific players? We suspect that over time, as more sites embrace multiple chat rooms, and more players begin to raid, it will become more commonplace and more accepted. For the team in the office we see no possible reason for sites to try to cause upset in the chat room.  Yet they seem to be encouraging a form of bullying of players who choose to play a different way, it’s not cheating after all.

So for now, online bingo remains firmly divided about this contentious issue. Tell us your thoughts on the subject of raiders, we would love to start a huge debate.


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