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Bingo should be fun and not a reason to steal

  • 22 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gambling addictionMost people like to play bingo in a bingo hall or at their favourite online bingo portal and play for fun with the hope of a win.  Most people will also know exactly when they have spent enough cash on bingo or when they are approaching the level that means they are betting outside of their budget and an automatic message shouts ‘STOP’ in their brain.  However some bingo players don’t have the automatic shut off function and these people are the ones most likely to overspend and end up as problem gamblers.  Luckily most online bingo rooms, high street bingo halls, casinos and bookmakers have procedures in place to help those that are affected by gambling addiction, with restrictions on the amount that can be played or limits that are able to be pre-set to stop a player being able to gamble too much.

However some people are just too far gone to help and have crossed over all moral boundaries in their pursuit of a big bingo or gambling win, one such sad case published today online in America highlights this crossing over a moral line very well.  Anne Patricia Hudanick was reportedly so addicted to playing bingo that she allegedly stole over $100,000 to help fund her bingo games habit from a charity that she worked for that helped cerebral palsy victims.  If the reports are true and she did in fact commit the crime then clearly any thoughts of morality, self respect, and charity went completely out of the window for such a terrible crime to be committed by her.  The charity called Creating Unlimited Possibilities employed the accused as a bookkeeper and the thefts to fund her five times a week bingo playing have been reportedly carried out over a ten year period.  The report published on the Citizens Voice website states that Hudanick has previously admitted the crime after the company accounts were subject to an audit in 2008.  The 48 year old woman was in the Wilkes-Barre central court today to hear the charges against her and has been granted $25,000 bail.

Should you feel that you or a family member or friend have a problem with Gambling addiction then there are excellent organisations that can help, GamCare is one such organsiation that will be happy to help anyone who is a problem gambler. If you are an online bingo player with a problem with bingo or gambling addiction then your favourite online bingo or gambling site will also be able to help.

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