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Bingo Songs

  • 26 Oct 15
  • Written by pinklady

bingo songsDid you know that way back in 2004 a man called Ashley Wheelhouse created his very own bingo song? The idea was to capture all the fun of the game and add catchy lyrics to an unforgettable tune, then let it loose on the bingo world. It became a favourite at holiday camps and bingo halls throughout the land. It was often played to herald the start of the first game; so time to find a seat and grab your dabber! Some of you may remember it.

The thought behind it was a good one – if people are relaxed and happy they will find their game a very positive, even therapeutic, experience. After all most people play the game first and foremost to relax and unwind. To make this work well you need to listen to music that blends in, whether that be in the bingo hall or in the comfort of your own home playing bingo online. The combination of the two is a great way to de-stress which is all important in today’s fast moving society.

In fact, the marriage of bingo and music has been tried out successfully in therapy groups in the States. The previously prepared bingo cards are given out to the participants who listen to a combination of musical extracts, including snippets from film soundtracks and television programmes. They mark off as many as they can recognise whilst enjoying the uplifting nature of the music. With the added fun of the bingo game people are helped to de-stress and enjoy themselves to the full.

If music is your speciality then you might want to give Music Bingo a try. This combines your knowledge of music trivia with a top bingo experience. Created way back in 1998 by a man called Sean Constable it can basically be played anywhere that karaoke can be played. So in the game you are listening out for musical extracts instead of numbers, and as in the traditional game you can play for lines or a full house.

Another variation of musical bingo, often used in schools in the music departments, is an exciting way to learn the musical basics. Each player has a card of musical symbols and timing signatures. The caller shouts out the clues, such as the familiar “waltz time” or even “6 beats to a bar” and the players seek the answers on their card. This one is specially for the music boffins!

And finally, would you believe that in America they have produced a play centred around a game of bingo? It combines a dining experience with a bingo game, and has music playing in the background whilst the actors mingle with the audience. Everyone is urged to join in and ad lib as the plot unravels. It centres on two rival church congregations coming together eventually to share the same space over a game of bingo – yet another example of how bingo unites people and forms them into a vibrant community.

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