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Bingo takes to the stage to celebrate its illustrious past.

  • 18 Oct 08
  • Written by admin

Bingo takes to the stageThis week we have a new and exciting suggestion for a fun night out with your roomies next Summer, so get your diaries out because you’re going to need to make plans for July!

Our spies at the Hideout have been reading very exciting reports this week that acclaimed writer and director Neil Bartlett is bringing a new production celebrating the wonders of the uk bingo game to the Royal Exchange in the Manchester International Festival 2009.

This show is about the fun that has been had over the years at live bingo. Although it is not expected to touch on the use of online bingo sites, we can excuse this oversight in the light of how important live bingo has been to many over the years.

After all, we wouldn’t have evolved into an online bingo portal and there would be no demand for an Internet version of the game without the thousands who have supported live bingo over the years since the war. It’s for these reasons that it’s good to hear that live bingo is being recognised as an integral part of British social culture in its past.

‘Everyone’s A Winner’ is being devised by Bartlett and its cast and will involve audience participation and the chance to play free bingo as part of the experience. We are expecting big things from this show and it has been rumoured that the presence of an ‘iconic north west comic’ may well be felt in the hall once the curtain goes up, so get your tickets now and gear up for a night of bingo, dancing, music and laughter.

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