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Bingo taxation protesters now have a facebook group

  • 20 May 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Facebook groupSocial Networking site Facebook has been used as another means to get the Government to sit up and listen to the bingo fraternity regarding the unfair taxation of bingo halls.  A recent message on the Bingo Association website calls for a ‘Fair Deal for Bingo’ and has a short message asking members to spare a few minutes to join the Bingo campaign group on Facebook.


Bingo Hall staff and players up and down the country are rallying to save the struggling Bingo halls by starting petitions and contacting their MP’s, as well as blogging Bingo sites doing their bit to stop the demise of the high street bingo industry. It looks like the trendy social networking sites are now on the case.

Bingo players are all rushing to join the  new Facebook group set up by Will Clarke of Manchester in connection with the group called simply ‘Help me fight for a fair deal for Bingo’and at time of writing there are 1,220 members, which for a new group is really very impressive.

The message on the group page states “My Name is Will Clarke and I work in the Bingo Industry.

This group has been created on behalf of Bingo customer Betty Fallows, 62, a member of a Bingo club in the North West.

“I love playing bingo. I get to meet with my friends, have a laugh and sometimes even win a few quid. So why is the Government picking on people like me ? Don’t they understand that it’s people like me that put them in power?

I’ve just found out that the Government is planning to start charging 22% tax when I go to my local bingo club but if I go to the bookies (which I do when it’s the Grand National) or if I play bingo on-line, I only have to pay 15% tax. How can this be fair?

I’m worried that my local club could close and the staff loose their jobs if the Government keeps having a go at bingo . If you agree, then join this group and show your support.”

So Mr Brown and his cabinet better look out, as now the Twitterrati are on the case this unfair 22% gross profit tax on bingo halls protest can only get bigger.  We haven’t quite reached the Emily Pankhurst stage of chaining ourselves to the Gala Bingo railings but that day might not be that far away.  Be warned Alistair Darling, the Bingo players and the bingo industry are as one on this issue.  Don’t agitate the ladies and gents of the bingo world and put their bingo halls at risk as they are a feisty bunch and a bingo dabber could be a difficult thing to be surgically removed from ones situpon!

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