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Bingo the key to a long life? Bingo Hideout investigates

  • 23 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo - spice of life!Another bingo player has recently celebrated her 100th birthday, and the birthday girl is Ethel Jopson from Salford.  The news of Ethel’s birthday celebrations was told in the local paper this week and it got us all thinking in the Bingo Hideout office why it is that so many regular bingo players manage to keep so young at heart?  Is there a common denominator amongst bingo players like Ethel Jopson that keeps their minds and bodies so alert and active?  Ethel believes it is her boozy nightcap at bedtime that helps, and we wondered could that really be true? So we set about doing some research into the reasons why bingo players might enjoy longevity  and if bingo games could be a factor.

Little drop of what you fancy does you good!

It is true that there have been many reports that a little drop of red wine each day can help stave off heart disease.  But this can’t surely be the reason that so many bingo players live long and fruitful lives surely – and it’s true having a glass of red wine a day can’t be used as a reason why so many bingo players reach the vintage 100, because very often the bingo players that reach such a golden age are just as likely to be teetotal, so there has to be another reason.

Bingo is the answer to the meaning of life?

Doing further research into why some people enjoy longevity, we discovered that doctors have found that those with a curious mind and who keep an interest in hobbies or pastimes from their younger days often live longer than other people that don’t. Other reasons why some enjoy a longer life can reportedly be attributed to a full social life, a network of friends and having a purpose and goals.  To the team in the Bingo Hideout office this gives supporting evidence to the theory that bingo is the reason why so many players live to a grand old age.  So bingo players if you want to be like Ethel and live to a ripe old age then maybe a trip to your local Mecca Bingo or Gala Bingo hall is in order!

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