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Bingo TV ads: how will they change the face of the game?

  • 14 Feb 08
  • Written by admin

online bingo on TV!As you may have noticed there are more ads for online bingo sites popping up on the telly all the time. Sites like Gala and Foxy are being granted Prime Time slots during popular shows like Coronation Street.

Offering fantastic sign up bonuses and huge jackpots to play for, these favourite sites of ours are creating a mass of traffic for their sites and bringing the excitement of online bingo games to a whole new audience.

A change in the weather

This has come about as a result of the Gambling Act of 2005. This permits these and other online sites to advertise their services in the same way as other industries are allowed. The Gambling Act is designed to make any form of gambling transparent and therefore safer for players. There are however many opponents of online bingo and the relaxed gambling laws.

However, social responsibility toward all of their site members is of paramount importance to every site now, with player helplines and support networks easily located on every site.

Online bingo sites maybe changing their approach to advertising, from simple banners to TV ads, but aren’t these changes for the better? Our feeling is that since regular players benefit from increased jackpots and increasingly regular events there are no losers if players stick to responsible gaming.

Foxy makeover

For example, Foxy has had a makeover for his TV debut, making him more glamorous looking, the Pied Piper of bingo dancing through the streets picking up all sorts of people along the way to play. Celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jordan and Sharon Osborne are also making these sites appear ‘cooler’ to non players, but the question remains what do you think of these latest developments in the world of online bingo?

We have been watching the forum over at Foxy since the launch of the latest TV ad and the roomies seem to have decreed its appearance as a resounding success. With the amazing chance to win a family holiday in Disneyland coming up in play next week, could it be that the players are benefiting from this extra traffic too?

Bingo Hideout would love to hear what you think of these new ads and the impact you think they will have on the world of internet bingo. For example, have you recently joined an online site after seeing a TV ad, let us know your views by posting on our forum or email Ben with your opinions.

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