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BINGO TV is ready to go live

  • 12 Aug 15
  • Written by Peachy

bingo tv is ready to go live

Love bingo? Love TV? Bingo has already SUCCESSFULLY penetrated the online world with astounding success and managed to become an Internet phenomenon going into the digital age. Bingo halls sadly are on the decline, and it’s becoming obvious that our love of bingo is perhaps even greater than ever, no doubt due to the social media storm taking over the world and the heightened exposure people are receiving to all manner of entertainment, including gambling.

Such is the world we now live in, that any concept can turn into a reality without really lifting a finger because of the endless opportunities and technologies we now have available to us, and accordingly, we’re currently glad to say that bingo is going to get it’s own TV station! An arrangement has been struck between Gala bingo and Catchup TV to offer an intuitive gaming and recreation channel including a percentage of the main names in UK showbiz, the channel will likewise offer general system highlights undoubtedly with an amusement topic advancing the centre substance of the channel and enhancing people’s eagerness for the games featured.

The decision to create a dedicated channel came about as a result of the gala bingo app, which has seen astronomical success on the Google play platform with a staggering 10 million downloads so far – and that figure shows absolutely no sign of stopping. It’s primarily for that reason that CatchupTV invested in the idea of a non stop entertainment channel powered by the Gala brand – the demand is absolutely out there, and as long as people want more, Gala bingo is happy to give them more.

The “easy access” ideals of online bingo are really what’s going to help drive this new television channel – it will feature integrated apps, You tube catch up channels and a large web presence to ensure nobody misses their dose of entertainment regardless of where they are.

The leisure aspect of the channel is also going to pack a powerful punch with the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news coverage – viewers will be able to get their latest fix of all things glitz and glamour whilst finding out the latest football scores and who’s leading the F1. The beauty of the whole platform really lies in the wealth of activity on offer though, and the main stay of the channel is definitely going to be the Gala games on offer. All of the staple favourites the company offers will be included for viewers to play, as well as programs like ‘Newbie nation’ which will focus on people who are completely new to bingo, or at least people who are new to online bingo and will give them a fantastic introduction to the game and how to play it successfully.

This is sure to become a huge hit, Catchup TV alone gains 4 million subscribers a month and Gala bingo has the credentials to hook viewers in for the long haul by providing a powerful entertainment package – when you combine this with the non stop demand of all things Hollywood, you’ve got yourself one perfect reason to put your feet up and grab that remote.

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