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Bingo war between Mecca and Gala ……. really?

  • 11 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoThe Mail as usual is making more of something than there actually is, the latest accusation is that there is a bingo war between bingo giants Mecca and Gala Bingo.  The reason for the Mail’s claim that there is a bingo war being waged is that Mecca Bingo Beeston has been ‘launched’.  Well excuse us for saying Daily Mail, but isn’t this rather old news?  Mecca Bingo Beeston has of course been ‘launched’ for some time and although there have been a few reports that staff from local Gala Halls have been  seen checking out the opposition, it hardly gives credence to the statement that there is a bingo war being waged between the two bingo firms.

Maybe the Daily Mail is a little short of news and is now relying on old stories from the ‘This is Nottingham’ website, as this is the exact accusation that was being levelled at the two bingo companies by the local news online publication way back in July – which incidentally Bingo Hideout wrote about in July.  This statement was written as part of the newspapers interview with Ian Burke the Chief Executive of the Mecca Bingo parent company Rank, the interview with Mr Burke (again Bingo Hideout got there first with an exclusive interview with the big man of Mecca way back on July 3rd) states that Mecca Bingo in Beeston is attracting 6,000 bingo players alone in stark contrast to the 5,400 total players at all three of Gala Bingo clubs in the area.  How Mecca Bingo are able to substantiate this figure one wonders, that said Mecca Bingo Beeston has been designed to take huge numbers with specific areas for the quiet bingo players and another area for the bingo players who like a more lively experience.

In a recent interview with Neil Goulden of Gala Bingo, Bingo Hideout asked if they would contemplate going down the Mecca Bingo Beeston route.  Mr Goulden stated at that time there was little chance of this as Gala Bingo feel that the more traditional side of the bingo game is what Gala Bingo are all about.  Of course as with any business, competitors need to keep abreast of other business models to ensure that their business can survive.  Does this mean that there is a war, in what respect is there a war being staged between the two companies?  Is there a Gala staff member outside the Mecca Bingo hall in Beeston rounding up lone bingo players and taking them against their will to a local Gala Bingo hall?  Possibly the Gala Bingo hall staff are penetrating the Mecca Bingo hall disguised as staff members, then disrupting the bingo games that are in progress?  This is really a ridiculous statement, bingo wars…………. what ever next!

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