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Bingo Winner Credits Black Cat for Good Fortune

  • 18 Jun 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIf you’ve ever played at a land-based bingo hall, you’ll know all too well that many players have a ‘lucky’ seat, and some of them even like to take along their lucky mascots, such as a favourite dabber. However superstitious or not you are, there are also certain superstitions which many people say can make the difference between good and bad luck. For example, don’t break a mirror or open an umbrella indoors, but find a four-leafed clover or step on your own shadow and you could be on a winning streak… One believer is a recent winner from Wales who credits a mysterious moggy for her full house win. The manager of the Argos Bingo Club in Llanelli, Nigel Griffiths, contacted his local newspaper after a truly remarkable evening in June 2013. One of the club’s regulars, Dorothy Evans, has mobility problems and so Mr. Griffiths very kindly picks her up from Penthenri to bring her to the bingo hall and take her home again twice a week.

On their last journey, they were travelling in the car and exchanging banter and a few jokes, but mainly talked about Mrs. Evan’s recent run of good luck. Then, low and behold, as they passed through Pontyates, a large, black cat marched across the road. Mr. Griffiths turned to his passenger, telling her, “that’s got to be lucky!” and the pair laughed.

A few hours later at the Llanelli bingo hall, luck was distinctly lacking for Mrs. Evans. Although she was certainly having a fun evening catching up with her friends, no wins were forthcoming. That was until she bought tickets for the Mega Link game which offers a full house prize of £1,000, when she started thinking back to the black cat they’d see on their earlier journey. Mr. Griffiths says the lady was only waiting for two numbers to complete her card; the first number came out straight away, followed by the remaining, final number a bit later, and rewarding her with the £1,000 prize.

Mr. Griffiths says he’s not naturally superstitious but admits he’s “certainly starting to change [his] mind.” He added that the whole evening was “an experience,” and that just when he thought he knew everything, he “ended p knowing nothing.”

Have any of our readers ever had a visit from Lady Luck, or a black cat, which you think led to a prosperous outcome? Do you have any lucky mascots which you take to your local bingo hall, or have at your side when you play online?

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