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Bingo winners could have a big one in the loo

  • 30 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo Feng ShuiPlaying online bingo we never imagine where winners might actually be when they win a big jackpot or what they might be doing.  We often read about bingo winners being away from their PC or laptop but with a recent story featured on casino.com it got us thinking what online bingo players are actually getting up to when they hit the jackpot – are they glued to the screen waiting for that all important last bingo ball to bounce onto the screen or are they doing something else entirely, possibly sleeping or watching TV?

Bingo win on the loo – multi tasking men can do

The recent news of a winner at casino.com was playing online casino games whilst safely ensconced in the toilet when he managed to scoop a $20,000 jackpot prize.  The lucky winner believed that the location was ideal for a win due to its excellent position for good Feng Shui.  Although strictly speaking bathrooms are not renowned for their good Feng Shui properties so we can only imagine that the owner had worked hard to introduce some ‘Ti’ (earth luck) into the smallest room in the house.  In a nutshell Feng Shui is the ancient art of improving health, fortune and energy by harnessing the power within ones home or working environment.  The theories behind Feng Shui go back 3,000 years from ancient China and are used as much today as they were then.

With the option to pre-purchase bingo tickets at most online bingo sites the chances are that most players wont be sitting waiting for that winning jackpot and will be informed by email or when they log on to check their account.  So these winning players are very likely to be doing the usual everyday stuff that we all do, working, possibly cleaning, chatting to friends or family, eating chocolate or maybe even enjoying some afternoon or evening bedroom delights 😉 or as the Casino.com player managed, sitting on the loo.

Balance your Chi for a bingo win

If you are a big bingo winner or even a small one, let Bingo Hideout know what you were doing when you won a bingo prize, not for any other purpose other than to satisfy our curiosity, we are sure we can better the casino man on the loo story! However if you want to improve your chances of a big bingo win then maybe you could look at balancing the Chi in your loo by adopting some of the Feng Shui practices.  Feng (wind) and Shui (water) are the basic elements, and it seems there is more than enough of both of those in the Bingo Hideout office loo when they guys have been in there, so may be we girls should be playing online bingo in the toilet after all!

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