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Bingo without a cause

  • 29 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Underground Rebel BingoRebel Bingo in the UK is making its mark, so much so that it is being reported in the prestigious American publication the Wall Street Journal.  If you haven’t heard about The Underground Rebel Bingo Club yet then you soon will do, as it is currently expanding rapidly.  This is bingo like you have never seen before at a local Mecca or Gala Bingo club and certainly not for the faint-hearted, the rules are pretty outrageous stating that no old people are allowed, no work suits, no stag parties, no hen parties and no boring people (some rules we can’t even mention because of the language).  The group behind the Rebel Bingo clubs also state proudly there is no customer service, so if you are a player who likes a gripe then this is no bingo club for you.

Underground bingo, getting down and dirty

In fact the Underground Rebel Bingo Club is almost an illegal rave / warehouse party which meets full force with a thrash metal, punk rock gig  with a few random bingo games chucked in for good measure  and if you are older than your twenties then you will probably want to stay away – as it looks pretty scary.  This isn’t bingo aimed at the traditional bingo player, this is Rebel Bingo which has had the heart and the soul ripped out of it and given a large dose of dirty street cred.  The locations are top secret and all have names like ‘Neighbourhood Watch Meeting’ or ‘Residents Association Meeting’, and are currently held in secret locations in and around London, Brighton, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol and meetings have now even reached New York! There is no seating at the Rebel Bingo club, as the bingo clubbers like to dance and move freely, painting graffiti on each other with their bingo daubers, they don’t play for the cash either.  Prizes might be a teddy bear or other random object from a popular online gadget shop, they don’t play bingo to win though the Bingo Rebels play because they can.

Lots of effing and jeffing but not much bingo

To lift a short extract from The Underground Rebel Bingo Club website, it states:

‘You won’t see us but we’re everywhere. You won’t hear us but we’re right behind you. We’re everywhere and nowhere, but wherever we are we’re playing dirty, hardcore mutha*****n Rebel Bingo on the down low.

We know it’s wrong.

But it feels so right.

And they can’t stop us.’

Be scared, be very scared, because this could be the future of bingo – and I have to say I for one would much rather be playing at Mecca Bingo or Gala Bingo any day of the week! Don’t have nightmares!

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