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BingoCams lose out in TOWIE contract row

  • 28 Apr 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altThe team at BingoCams had to put together a last minute change to their big celebrity extravaganza, planned for last Friday. Earlier in April, they excitedly told their members they’d be holding a glamorous evening of gossip with three of the stars of the hit TV show, The Only Way is Essex; however contractual issues and arguments with their production team forced the TOWIE stars to pull out. That of course, left BingoCams and their extravagant evening in total disarray.

However, BingoCams is one of those sites which relies on its bouncebackability, so with their trusty chat hosts with big personalities in tow, they managed to create a great atmosphere, for their disappointed players. So even though their TOWIE themed evening was missing its essential element, ‘the show must go on’ nature of the team ultimately saved the day……. or rather evening. The Bingocams team even renamed last night’s event as ‘The Only Way is BingoCams’ to pay tribute to both the TV series and of course, their crew and bingo players; all of whom threw themselves into the theme with their usual excitement.

Three top stars from The Only Way is Essex had agreed to join the BingoCams team for the event, to make it a truly girly night, packed with gossip and laughs. The three stars, Frankie Essex, Chloe Sims and Billie Faiers were unfortunately forced to pull out of the Celebrity Chat Host exclusive by their production company. Over the last week it has emerged that all is not well in Essex, as the cast have openly displayed their anger and disappointment with the programme’s production company. All cast members have been asked to sign a contract which promises they will hand over 15% of all their earning for a period of four months after they leave the show. The production company have clearly realised that the stars are making a fortune off the back of the show, rather than from appearing on it and want a piece of the action, and this has understandably angered many of the Essex team. However, after the cast rebelled, it seems there has been some sort of settlement which also resulted in the three Essex girls pulling out of the BingoCams extravaganza and leaving them with a night of celebrity fun, without the celebrities.

Even without the TOWIE girls, BingoCams and its members managed to enjoy the online bingo fun. Sometimes celebrity endorsements can be a great way of promoting a bingo brand but sometimes, you have to pay the consequences of hiring the more tempestuous stars out there.


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