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Bobs Bingo Odds Booster!

  • 20 Nov 15
  • Written by royalrocker

bobs bingo odds booster

We all know that bingo is a game of chance and we mostly play just for the fun of it as we all love being part of that happy online community. However many of us have in the back of our minds the thought that it might just be our lucky day and that the next number called might be the one that turns us into the next big jackpot winner. How exciting would that be?

Well with Bob’s Bingo Booster a more scientific approach to winning is applied in order to calculate where to play to increase our chances of winning. Instead of trusting just to luck Bob looks at other measurable factors that can increase our odds and maybe lead us down that path to being a winner. Let’s take a closer look at how he does this.

Bob looks at such measurable features as the number of people in any given room, and the price of the tickets, together with the total number of rooms in play. We all know that to increase our chances of winning we need to lessen the opposition so fewer players mean a higher chance of scooping the jackpot.

Bob also analyses information about the available jackpots and looks to determine the best ratio of players to jackpots. Again, we want this number to be low in order to increase our chances of being a winner.

The best thing about this information is that it is always current as Bob uses live data. The information is updated every five minutes so take into consideration that if you follow one of his recommendations that the data is likely to have already changed slightly. However his pages are still a handy comparison tool that provides positive insight into where best to play.

If you take a look at the booster you will see that Bob provides ratings for all the top sites and uses his secret formula, based on all the above information, to provide a numerical rating – the higher the rating the better the chances of winning. The full summary of bingo sites that he analyses have information about the total number of rooms, the number of jackpots and the number of players, together with the average ticket prices. He combines these to give an overall rating. However if you just want to compare sites by the number of players for example, you click on that heading and the sites will be re-arranged based on that heading alone. All very scientific!

Not only does Bob’s Bingo Booster compare the paying sites, it compares the free sites too, and you can toggle between them all in one simple click. With all this data at your fingertips you can’t help but improve your odds of getting on the right track to be the next big bingo winner. Having good luck is always a great help too but using science to boost your chances is the sign of a sharp and insightful bingo player.

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