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Brand-New Bingo App for Facebook & Apple Users

  • 29 Sep 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA brand-new app for bingo lovers has launched this month, and it’s straight from the social gaming gurus at Win Interactive (a new division of Bwin).

At the time this article goes to press, Bingo Words should be released as a Facebook app, and also be available as a downloadable application via the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad users. The idea behind it is to merge bingo with Scrabble in a fast and furious battle against the clock, where players will need to be the first to cover all the stars on the board in order to win.

The game starts when you challenge a friend or other player to play with you. It uses, a 5 x 5 board that contains various stars (similar to double and triple word scores in Scrabble.) Make and connect words from the selection at the bottom of your screen, and when you’ve finished, it’ll be your friends turn to have their go on their own board. Once you’ve both had your turn, whoever’s the quickest to cover all the stars on the grid win the challenge. In a similar vein to the Song Pop iPhone app, the game doesn’t just come straight to an end; for each person that you challenge, a weekly contest will be started between the two of you. Every game that either of you wins will be added to a scoring system (e.g., You 1 vs. Person X 2), and at the end of the week, whoever’s won the most games wins, and a new challenge will begin.

During game-play, a timer ticks the seconds away at the top of the screen, so the quicker you finish, the more you’ll score.  Unlike Scrabble however, Bingo Words doesn’t require you to swallow the entire Oxford English Dictionary! Rather than come up with lengthy terms and names involving all those tricky letters such as ‘x’ and ‘z’ for maximum scores, the focus is purely on speed.

Win Interactive have promised that players will be able to play cross-platform, so even if you don’t possess an iPhone or have a Facebook account, as long as you and your friend have one or the other between you, you’ll be able to enjoy playing this new game.

What are your thoughts on Bingo Words? Do you enjoy being able to play different variations of your favourite game? Would you like to see more popular board games being adapted to form bingo-style social media apps? Drop us a line and let us know!

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