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Brave bingo player fights off robber

  • 03 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

bingo attackBingo players should always try to find a friend to travel home with when leaving bingo halls late at night.  The safety in numbers approach could save bingo players from attempted robberies like the one that happened to a 56 year old lady in Doncaster last month.  The lady was walking alone along a footpath after her evening playing bingo, and was attacked from behind by a male attacker who attempted to wrestle her handbag from her.  The brave woman put up quite a fight and in the struggle fell to the ground.  The bingo player still managed to maintain a firm grip on her bag, which forced the would-be thief to give up on his attempted mugging and leave.

The worrying story of the attack is told in the Sun describing how the bingo player had left her local Gala Bingo hall on Wheatley Hall Road at around 9.45pm on 12th November, when she was attacked.  The assailant was in his twenties and was tall and of slim build and was wearing a light coloured hooded top, an accomplice who was not directly involved in the assault was similarly described but was wearing a darker coloured hooded top.

Bingo players are advised to travel in numbers to remain safe during dark nights, and although this attack is not common place Bingo Hideout believe it is advisable to eliminate the possibility of being mugged or attacked by following some pretty obvious safety measures.  Travelling in groups as discussed, avoiding quiet or dark roads and paths and keeping valuables tucked away.  Long handled handbags that can be worn with the strap crossing the body are safest and if they can be worn under coats this would also help to keep valuables safe and would most likely not attract the attention of would be attackers. Of course for bingo players who are still worried about such things they can look at our bingo sites directory to find details of online bingo sites as an alternative.

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