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Breathing life back into live bingo

  • 06 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Gala Bingo

As we are all aware, the online bingo sector has been booming despite the ongoing economic crisis. While this growth has been good news for all those in this new sector, the trend has not followed through to the world of live bingo until now. This week Gala has released figures that points to the beginnings of a growth spurt in the world of live bingo. Thanks to the likes of Gala Bingo celebrating the 80th anniversary of the name ‘bingo’ having been used, the ingenious promotions they are offering the live audience has jumped considerably, showing that players still love a night out with a bingo caller when the price is considered right.

Celebrate good times, come on!

With generous promos for their bricks and mortar players this year, the upcoming months at Gala Bingo are sure to prove as popular as the last few months have been with more players turning out for promotions such as their free bingo day than have been seen for years.

Mums have more fun

Mothering Sunday for example brought out an enormous 27,000 players while the free bingo day galabingo.com recently held saw a quarter of a million players queue up outside 53 halls with some having to turn players away! Gala as you would expect are over the moon about this upsurge in land based bingo being one of only a few bingo brands to host bingo halls in the UK. Managing Director Simon Longbottom of the Gala Gaming Division said of the player numbers, “to hear the buzz of a full club made customers and staff alike feel overjoyed”.

Make a night of it

We here at the Hideout are always glad to hear of good news coming from the live bingo camp; after all we love to hear of players enjoying the game no matter how they play. In fact, with so many choices of how to get your bingo fix these days, it’s fantastic to think that more people are making the most of their bingo hall. A brilliant way to socialise, and have fun with your mates, a visit to your local hall is always a fab way to liven up a weekend. After all, you and your mates may have more to celebrate by the end of the night than having a brilliant bunch of friends; you might be the lucky bunch who walk away with the winnings from the National Game!

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