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Bring back the summer campaign

  • 18 Aug 08
  • Written by

Summer online bingo fun

If like Bingo Hideout you are fed up with the dreariness outside and are looking to bring the sun back into the day, join our campaign to bring back the summer. Though we love spending time indoors playing a cracking game of online bingo, our laptops are also WiFi and we have been looking forward to sitting outside of cafes sipping espressos and enjoying some live chat with our favourite roomies while getting a dose of vitamin A!

So how does this campaign manifest itself? We have at Bingo Hideout officially declared Summer ‘08 the Summer of Loveliness for internet bingo. No matter how bad it gets out there, we intend to spread sunshine and love across our favourite sites and with you our members.

Let us know why your favourite bingo sites bring a ray of sunshine to your day and we'll compile our own summer of loveliness-omator to measure which Hideout sites make our members the happiest. This will be a good way to show which of our sites newbies should join and we can then continue to spread the online bingo love among our favourite bingo community -you lot!

Send us all your winning stories too and we can share them with the most discerning community online (the Bingo Hideout members) and find out who has the most reason to smile this
summer courtesy of which site. We love hearing from our members and
since we're all confined indoors by the weather and whether you
want to share your roomie stories or anecdotes about how you defied the
weather to have fun drop us a line and we can all benefit from a caring
sharing atmosphere inside while the rain does its thing outside.

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