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Bucky Bingo re-launches with great look and free online bingo

  • 15 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bucky BingoBucky Bingo has had a bit of a revamp and wow is it looking good!  Of course it is still Bucky Bingo as we have grown to love, but with whole fresher look and lots of new offers and promotions that will take old and new online bingo players breath away.  First off let us tell you all the great news about the bingo games, Bucky Bingo are offering stacks of free bingo at the new and improved online Bingo site.  For a start there are two hours of free online bingo every single day and if that isn’t exciting enough, each and every Friday there is an amazing 7 hours of free bingo available.

Bucky tones down his putrid purple pad

Free Bingo aside what else is new and different at Bucky Bingo? Well the new homepage is an absolute joy to use, with much clearer signposting and simpler single click options that allow for selecting preferred location easily, all in all the navigation around the site is vastly improved from the old Bucky Bingo site. The ‘pimptastic purple’ has been toned down quite a bit too, so although Bucky is still there, in all his seventies sleazy glory, players don’t feel like they have stepped into a pair of Peter Stringfellow’s undies each time they arrive on the home page.  

News, blogs and bingo hall news

Once on the site Bucky Bingo players will find a few extras too, such as the news section and the Blog, these new areas will allow online bingo players to keep up to date with all the bingo winners stories, Bucky Bingo news, Buckingham Bingo hall news and general bingo news and events. Talking of the Buckingham Bingo Halls, the new Bucky Bingo site has a great section dedicated to the bingo halls so bingo players can find their local hall and all the necessary club information and will even be able to join online too.

The new Bucky Bingo site is great to use and as it is on the Virtue Fusion network has the opportunity offer some larger prizes in the linked bingo games. For a great incentive to join new online bingo players will receive up to £250 free bonus cash on a first deposit.  Once a member, players can be entered into the Monthly £1,000 giveaway promotion, this is a free prize draw with online bingo players randomly selected by Bucky Bingo to win cash prizes.



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