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Bulldog Bingo launches or maybe Churchill in another form

  • 25 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bulldog BingoYet another new online bingo site has been launched powered by Interactive Playnet, called Bulldog Bingo.  Snapping at the heels of Churchill Bingo this new online bingo site is also targeting the UK bingo player and again features images that some people might think represents British culture, so the red, white and blue backdrop to Bulldog Bingo features cartoon drawings of a bulldog (surprise), a British bobby, red telephone box, red double decker bus and red telephone box and Big Ben.  So strictly speaking this is more targeted to the tourist market in London than the UK bingo player – Still we nit pick!

Bulldog Bingo is on the You Got Bingo network so all the games and promotions are the same, the difference being merely in the home page, support is the same too,  so Skippy is the contact who will deal with all things problem related.  Bulldog Bingo’s image may not be helped by the rather grumpy looking bulldog, the appearance reminiscent of Al Murray’s Pub Landlord but with the impression that he may be chewing a rather large wasp.  Although Bulldog Bingo do score some points with the slogan ‘Britains Got Bingo’ – though strictly speaking Britain has had both online bingo and bingo halls for some time now! – and the fact that the bingo caller is a Brit rather than the rather annoying American caller at the Churchill Bingo site.

Bulldog Bingo doesn’t offer enough really to get us all excited and hot under the collar coming so soon after Churchill Bingo, and quite frankly once you have played the Churchill Bingo site or the Bingo Boat site then pretty much you have played them all. Have a go but don’t expect anything that will set your online bingo world on fire, although there are a few nice little features.  The novelty of the others on the network has now worn off and it is easy to see that this is going to be another batch of bingo skin’s that unfortunately lack their own individuality.

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