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Burglary and Drugs Raid at Two UK Bingo Halls

  • 22 Jan 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altWhilst it’s not uncommon for burglars to target bingo halls, looking for cash, it’s not every day that the police have to investigate the strong smell of cannabis emanating from them. Before you wonder, it’s not the players who’ve been smoking the whacky baccy either… Here are two recent tales of what’s going on behind the closed doors of clubs around the UK. Earlier this month, a Mecca Bingo club in Norwich was broken into, and three men raided 35 slots and a change machine before making a run for it, after being disturbed by cleaners. Whilst it appears that the robbers left empty-handed, local police in Norfolk are currently investigating whether any money is missing. The bungling burgers gained entry by climbing onto the roof, and forcing entry via a sky light.

Over in Harborne in Birmingham, in late 2012, a former bingo hall was the subject of another police investigation. When officers raided the High Street premises, they discovered 40 cannabis plants in the attic, along with 10-15 kilos of dried leaves. The warrant was executed when community support officers in the area noticed a strange odour emanating from the building, and noticed some rather unusual behaviour. Subsequently, two men (aged 38 and 54) were arrested on suspicion of cultivating the illegal plants, although they have been released on bail whilst enquiries continue. Detective Constable John Hamilton, from the local drug investigation team, said that the drugs farm was being cultivated “in the heart of the community” in an empty building that is passed by hundreds of people every day. He reminded members of the public to inform the police of any suspicious behaviour in their area, to help them close down illegal operations of this sort.

In happier news, earlier this month, two giant jackpots were won at two Cumbrian clubs. One lucky player picked up £28,500 at Whitehaven’s Opera Bingo on a Sunday night, followed by another lady landing a win of £23,000 at a club in Workington on the following Tuesday. Neither woman wants to be identified, but we’ll bet they’re busy celebrating an amazing start to the New Year! A spokesperson for Opera Bingo said that last time two big winners were created in such a short space of time, they were immediately followed by a third sizeable win at another of their clubs. So, if you live in the area, maybe history will repeat itself…?


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