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Butlers Bingo Crowns Blackburn with Title of Luckiest Town

  • 15 Aug 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIt’s official! Well, according to Butlers Bingo anyway. Blackburn has been named the luckiest town in Britain by the popular UK online bingo site, which is fronted by The Butler and his faithful sidekick, Astrid. The Butlers’ team have been busy number-crunching and, looking at the combined figures from May, June, and July 2013, they’ve worked out that folk who hail from Blackburn, Lancashire are the most likely to hit the big time. In this time period, 75 residents of the town have scooped an impressive total of over £20,500, making an average win of around £276 for each of these players, just for playing at the site for a few hours each. The nearby town of Burnley actually topped the winners’ figure for the number of lucky players with 77 roomies in total. However, their accumulated winnings only came to around £3,500 – an average of £44.44 each. However, Burnley residents needn’t feel hard done by when you look at the bingo-loving population of Shotton Colliery – a town in County Durham. Over the course of May to July 2013, only one roomie from this area had a win at Butlers Bingo.

The Head of Promotions at the site, Ian O’Farrell, says that Blackburn definitely has cause for celebration with its new title of Britain’s luckiest town.

However, our bingo-loving readers needn’t necessarily start considering relocating to Lancashire if they want the chance to grab a big win. Back in May 2013, Gala Bingo told somewhat of a different tale. Although Lancashire ranked as the third luckiest region in the UK in their research (with Central Scotland and The South West taking first and second places), they reported that the UK’s luckiest town was Stoke-on-Trent. Not only did Gala crown an entirely different area as the ‘luckiest town’ but they also gleaned from their statistics that big winners at their site were (on average) aged 37 and female or aged 58 and male. Despite their reports, Gala Bingo pointed out that all roomies should remember that everyone who plays games at the site has “an equal chance of winning” and that an individual’s playing style, choice of game, and skill combined with “a little bit of luck” also helped determine the outcome.

Do we have any readers from either Blackburn or Stoke-on-Trent who’d like to comment on these theories? Perhaps you think you do seem to have a winning streak, or maybe you’ve never won a game in your life and are wondering why?



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