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Calling all you bingo players – Bingo Confidential needs you!

  • 23 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo ConfidentialYou may remember that we reported on the new low budget comedy film Bingo Confidential at the end of May, well we have exciting news straight from the producer which may well be of interest to you our dear online bingo readers.  Susan Benfatto, the Hollywood based producer of the new Bingo Confidential film, is looking for some real bingo players to explain all the ins and outs and intricacies of the bingo game and is hoping to get some useful contributions from UK bingo players.

This is particularly exciting news as we could possibly see some of the regular readers of Bingo Hideout getting their face on the small screen, if not the big! You will all no doubt remember from our previous article that the film is due to be released on DVD, although of course it is still hoped that with enough interest Bingo Confidential may eventually be released in the cinema.

Send in a video contribution if you can

If you feel that you could add some worthwhile observations about the bingo game in all its forms then please feel free to record a short video and post it onto the Bingo Confidential Facebook page.  You never know your video might well be chosen to feature in the DVD ‘extra’ section and you could enjoy your five minutes of fame.  If you have any questions for Susan then please feel free to email her and she will do her very best to answer them, all enquiries can be emailed to info@bingoconfidential.com.

Become a fan on Facebook of Bingo Confidential

If you don’t feel that you have anything to contribute personally but are interested in finding out more about this exciting new film then visit the BINGO CONFIDENTIAL FACEBOOK FAN PAGE where you will find all the latest information about this exciting new film that hopefully will be ready for release shortly.  If you become a fan you will be able to post comments and hear all the latest news straight from the producer.
Let’s do our bit to support Susan and this fantastic film, she has managed to rope in all her film industry  friends, actors,  family and real bingo players to help out as she is funding the Bingo Confidential film herself, let’s get some of the online bingo Hideout fans involved too.

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