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Callous woman steals money raised in charity bingo games

  • 14 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Amanda WilliamsThe last thing that most right minded people would do if they  had just been found out for helping themselves  to nearly £20,000 of other peoples cash would be to purchase lottery tickets, bingo cards or maybe to place bets in the hope of ‘winning back’ some of the cash they had stolen.  That said, most right minded people would not be in the situation in the first place, they would certainly not see that stealing was appropriate.  The fact that the cash was charitable donations and fund raising monies for children to travel abroad to compete in a dance competition would make this even more of a no-no, even the most hardened of criminals would most likely shy away from such a theft.

Moral turpitude, Amanda Williams middle name?

Clearly Amanda Williams felt no moral compunction that her actions were wrong.  The money concerned was raised by bingo games, collections, charity car washes etc to help fulfil the dreams of a group of young dancers to make a trip to an International Dance competition in Los Angeles.  However the young dancers dreams were almost shattered when they arrived at the airport to find that the money raised had never been used to buy their air tickets and accommodation.  To make them feel worse it was the very woman who had helped raise the money from bingo games etc that was responsible for stealing their cash. Added to Amanda Williams catalogue of shameful actions was the fact that the money raised was from her own daughters dance club pupils. When Ms Williams was sure that her crime would be discovered the woman with a morals bypass decided to try to ‘win’ the money back and was found in Weymouth still spending the remainder of the bingo and charity money.

Bingo, they still get to go!

The sorry tale of the 52 year old woman from Westlea who thought it was ok to steal the money raised from bingo and other activities for the young dancers and then to try to win it back was told in court last week.  The case against Williams was proven and she was sentenced to 18 months in prison.  As a postscript, there was a happy ending for the disappointed young dancers when a benefactor made a donation to make it possible for them to still make their trip.

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