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Cashcade adds to popular Foxy Bingo brand with Foxy Zero Bingo

  • 03 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy ZeroGood old Foxy Bingo has come up with yet another great online bingo site, this time it’s called Foxy Zero. The reasoning behind the name is that it costs Zero to play some of the online bingo games, in fact you can play totally free at Foxy Zero for 24 hours a day – and you can’t get much fairer than that! Online bingo players at Foxy Zero can play the 90 ball free bingo games in the Free as a Bird room, 24 / 7 to win the jackpot prize of £3 or there is a 75 ball free bingo game in the Free-ky Bingo room at 6.00am where there is the chance to win a jackpot prize of £10.

Zero is Hero!

Of course this being a Foxy Bingo site there are more online bingo games at Foxy Zero than you can waggle Foxy’s tail at, so check out the other online bingo rooms offering larger jackpot prizes with ticket prices from 5p to 10p. There are big jackpots too, the Foxylicious 500 online bingo game has a jackpot prize fund of £500 and with ticket prices for this online bingo game costing a tiny 5p a piece, online bingo players will be practically banging on Foxy’s online bingo door to get their tickets, but don’t worry you won’t need to as the online bingo tickets are available on a pre-purchase. The jackpots just get bigger and bigger, there is a £2,500 guaranteed jackpot called the Friday Phenomenon with tickets at 25p each and then a magnificent £5,000 guaranteed jackpot on the last Thursday of the month at 9.00pm, tickets cost just 50p each and again are available to pre-purchase.

Use your exisitng Foxy log in

If you are a new player to Foxy sites then you will need to join Foxy Zero, and new players will be overjoyed to find out that there is a £20 free bonus on a first deposit. Existing Foxy Bingo players can use their usual log in details to play Foxy Zero, which means that this site is even more attractive to play as you don’t need a memory chock full of passwords to play – simplicity itself.

As a Cashcade Site, Foxy Zero is powered by the same Bridgend software, so anyone who already loves Foxy Bingo will love Foxy Zero too! The software platform – for the uninitiated – at Foxy Zero is simplicity itself, a truly classy product and so simple to use, and certainly no download required. We think all you regular Foxy Bingo players will love the new Foxy Zero site and anyone who has never played ……… well give it a try after all what have you got to lose? A big fat ZERO that’s what!

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