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Celebrating the REAL Mum of the Year with Foxy Bingo

  • 24 Mar 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAt Bingo Hideout we have already told you all about the new Celeb Mum of the Year, as voted for by the general public and sponsored by Foxy Bingo. However, as well as Katie Price scooping her prize, Foxy Bingo also crowned their regular Mum of the Year. 3,800 mums were nominated for the illustrious prize but in the end it went to Jane Chippendale of Kent, who collected her prize reward on March 15th in London.

Mrs Chippendale was nominated by her 21 year old daughter Senna Harrison who thought it was the perfect way to honour and celebrates all the wonderful things her mum has done for her and her family. Miss Harrison said that she thought her mum deserved the reward more than anyone else because of everything she has lived through and dealt with and her daughter also admitted ‘it has not been easy.’

Mrs Chippendale is a mum of three who also works and lives as a full time carer for her husband, Mark, who has the life limiting condition, multiple sclerosis. Mark told reporters that his wife is wonderful at looking after other people. What’s more, Mrs Chippendale herself is registered disabled and manages her days relying on daily doses of painkillers after two back operations and two hip operations. Her daughter and the team at Foxy Bingo really do believe she is a worthy winner. To add insult to injury, Mrs Chippendale has also recently suffered with the deadly MRSA infection and still keeps going on.

That’s not all; it seems there are no ends to this worthy winner’s kindness and hard working attitude. Her daughter, who nominated her for the award, was diagnosed with epilepsy five years ago and Mrs Chippendale has supported her through thick and thin, dealing more than 20 seizures a day on some occasions and still supporting her other two children, the youngest of whom is just 11.

Mrs Chippendale was said to be very surprised and happy to win and said she just loves being a mum, as well as looking forward to becoming a grandma as her eldest daughter is expecting. As well as the prize trophy from Foxy Bingo, Mrs Chippendale was also treated to a family holiday prize worth £3,000 for later in the year.

When picking up her award, Mrs Chippendale also got to meet Foxy Bingo’s celeb mum winner Katie Price who picked her prize up at the same time. Congratulations ladies.


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