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Celebrities Who Play Bingo

  • 01 Sep 15
  • Written by LisaLucky

Celebrities who play bingo

Bingo is in! It’s official. No longer does this old time favourite game have to be associated with masses of grannies gathered snugly around a 40 year old rickety table in their local bingo hall, you’d be surprised by who actually gets kicks out of this game and what they do – it’s really not a game resigned purely to the older generation, this stereotype is completely nonsensical.

Online poker in particular has an enormous following due to it’s anonymity – you could be the prince of wales and with the advent of modern technology, playing a game of E-bingo in your living room away from the scrutinising eyes of the general public is now, thankfully, a standard being enjoyed across the world.

Online bingo has a whole host of famous players, from Helen Chamberlain and Kenny Dalglish to Phil Taylor who are easily the most recognisable players at Ladbrokes Poker, but the real novelty comes from the fact that every day house hold names are also on the VIP list and are quite possibly playing a round or two with you as we speak!

Keith Chegwin is an overt fanatic of the game, anybody who knows anything about Cheggers will be well aware of his online bingo site creatively titled “Cheggers Bingo”, and the brand “Bingos” is currently being fronted by Kerry Katona of Atomic Kitten fame – it’s great that these celebs are being so open about their love for the game as it helps bring it into the mainstream and make people realize that bingo, and any other form of online gaming are absolutely not in any way taboo and should be enjoyed by those who like them. It’s been a really positive step for online gambling in general getting these famous faces on the scene.

But what bout the others? The aforementioned celebrities have been very open in their support for the game, but behind the scenes, there are MANY others enjoying a quiet game in between gigs in the comfort of their hotel rooms across the world. Robbie Williams, Bono from the infamous U2, Kym Marsh, Emma Bunton and Catherine Zeta Jones are just a few of the super A-list players currently doing the circuit unbeknownst to those sharing cyberspace with them!

Kym Marsh actually loves the game so much that she has created a comedy starring her and her husband that entirely centres around Bingo – she claims the game is her “favourite hobby” and hopes to get the show off the ground with the right backing.

None of this information is likely to match the stereotype created by so many when thinking about the game, but online bingo, and bingo in general is clearly being enjoyed by people we would NEVER have associated with it in the first place – so you don’t have to feel guilty about playing any more! It’s not taboo, it’s not “wrong” and it’s absolutely fantastic fun. You should try playing!

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