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Charity Begins at the Home of Mecca Bingo

  • 10 Jul 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA forward-thinking Mecca bingo hall in Cheshire has been very busy this year, not only serving up a bevy of great games to entertain its members, but also raising thousands of pounds for charity in the process.

Mecca’s Ellesmere Port club ha s raised over £1,700 since January 2012, which exceeds their yearly target by £200, and Marie Curie Cancer Care will be the lucky recipient.
Staff and club members have been helping to organise fundraising events, such as a Blooming Great Tea Party, a cabaret, and bring-and-buy book sales, with all proceeds going towards their chosen charity of the year.

Marie Curie is a UK-based organisation with over 2,000 dedicated nurses based across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They provide care and support to terminally ill patients, not only giving them dignity and peace of mind, but also providing reassurance to their families. They run nine hospices in Belfast, Bradford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hampstead, Liverpool, Newcastle, Penarth, and Solihull, and also provide outpatient as well as day services. The organisation also undertakes extensive research into the best way to care for terminally ill patients, and is a strong campaigner for the rights of those affected by cancer and other inoperable illnesses.

The funds raised by the Mecca Bingo parent company will allow them to extend their free home-care to many more people who are suffering from terminal cancer. The club’s General Manager, Gary Shanks, credited his “hard-working team members and the generosity of our customers” for their fundraising success this year. Meanwhile, Marie Curie community fundraiser, Charlotte Sewell, added “It’s the support from organisations like Mecca that allow our charity to continue with the work we do,” and showed her appreciation and amazement that the Ellesmere Port club has already smashed their yearly target in just six months.

We’re sure you will agree that the ladies and gents of Mecca Ellesmere Port have done a fantastic job with their work so far, and we’d like to hear your thoughts. If you attend a land-based bingo hall, does your club run any fundraising events, and if so what sort? If they don’t, do you think they ought to, and how could they best go about starting? And, for our online players, do you think your favourite website should allow and encourage its members to come up with ways to help raise funds for a nominated charity, or donate a percentage of their profits on a regular basis?


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