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Chat Master Contest at Rogers Bingo concludes

  • 19 Sep 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altOne of the key roles in making a good online bingo site great, is that of the Chat Hosts.  These amazing people most often are avid online bingo players, who have the personality and the skills to make their passion for the online bingo game their career.  Keeping a busy chat room entertained, informed, happily chatting, and sometimes disciplined, is not always the easiest task and is certainly not something for the faint-hearted.  Generally to become a Chat Host, players with a keen interest in becoming a CH will join sites that advertise industry vacancies or possibly apply to well-known sites directly. The positions will usually be home-based and provide an hourly rate of pay – though there are some sites that don’t pay. However players who have fancied themselves as a frustrated chat host, have more recently had another method to try to gain a tentative foot in the door of Chat Hosting.

Enter online bingo site Rogers Bingo, with their take on the X-Factor competition of the online bingo world; their aim has been to find a hidden star amongst their players to become a prize winning Chat Host. Rogers Bingo has been running a Chat Master Contest this weekend, where they invited their depositing members to apply to host in their preferred game at the site.  The applicants were then whittled down to the final ten members selected by the Rogers Bingo team to participate in the final competition.  There were also an additional 2 players who were chosen to act as standby Chat Hosts should any of the selected players not participate in the game to find a winner of the contest.

The Rogers Bingo Chat Master Contest applicants were expected to perform the usual function of the Chat Host and even were given 100BBs to dish out to players in the bingo room. We have no news yet on who has won the final of the Rogers Bingo Chat Master Contest, as the winner will be announced on the 20th September at 1.00pm. The competitors have been advised that they could invite as many of their friends into the chat room to participate and to vote for them; the sceptic might say that this whole exercise has just been to gain as many new depositing players as possible, because only those who have made a deposit can vote. However there is no doubt that there will be a genuine winner, and whoever gains the most votes by other players will receive the winning cash prize of £500 with the runner up receiving a £200 store gift card….. will there be a genuine job at the end of the promo?  Sadly not, but who knows a sparkling hidden talent might be found and Rogers would be daft not to take advantage of the talent if it appears.



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